Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How to Choose your First Airsoft Gun

If you are a new entrant in the airsoft sporting field you should know which type of airsoft gun suits your needs to enjoy the whole experience.

What is your role in the game?

Find out the genre that you love – military reenactment or sports genres. If it’s the former, is historical accuracy needed (in that case, a gun of such an impact is required)? Which position do you love – the centre of the battle or just a sniper at the borders.The Rifleman is the best position for a newcomer. He is part of a variety of positions and at many fire ranges. But a Close Quarters Combat player will require a more durable and free-wielding firearm. The accuracy rate is essential for a sniper.One should have an idea of the length, weight, accuracy, fire of the weapon.

Think on the type that suits you

For the Airsoft guns gas ones are more prone to getting slower in extreme cold. Spring-action guns are more durable but come only after the gas and electric ones. An electric gun however needs a battery and charger that you have to carry along. Automatic electric guns are therefore best for the new players. Once you decide your role in the game, just pick up the one that suits your need – the handgun, rifle, sniper rifle or a shotgun or if you just love to place your hands on that machine gun.

Keep an eye on the accessories

Ask yourself if you just want to get some fun out of the sport or you are in for some serious competition.Mind the cost of the accessories. BBs, green gas, lasers and optics, military-style backpacks, camouflagesuits, masks for the face and eyesand other tactical gear are accessories that should be a part of your budget for the airsoft gun.

The Internet is full of package offers for starters where you get all the extra equipment for your gun quite cheap. Most players keep more than one gun to use in different positions. It is good for starters, you can get an idea of your favorite position on the field. It is always best to confer with friends, borrow one and use it before you actually buy one. You would thus get an idea which type suits your shooting style.


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